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5 Easy Steps to the Best High School Senior Photo Shoot Ever.

Maybe you're nervous about getting your pictures taken, or maybe you're nothing but excited. Either way, these five tips will take your photo shoot from good to great. A better shoot means better pictures, so read on to learn how to make your photo shoot perfect.

1. Incorporate what you love.

Your senior photos are all about YOU. Include your favorite book, show, activity, or even your favorite place. You can do this by bringing along anything you'd like included in your photos. Think about clothing, sports equipment, a car... the sky's the limit! A great photographer will get to know you and help bring out your personality. Make sure to tell them what kind of music you like; if they're like me, they'll play it during your session.

2. Choose your outfit(s)in advanced.

Have you ever imagined an outfit in your mind, only to discover it doesn't look quite how you envisioned when you actually try it on? Making sure to have the perfect color palette and matching accessories will put you at ease when you head to get your pictures done. Try the outfit on at least two days early to be sure it looks the way you want. Bonus points if you choose something comfy - it will make the photo shoot that much more enjoyable.

3. Bring someone to your photo shoot you who will make you laugh.

This is especially beneficial if you’re nervous about getting your pictures taken, but it helps even if you're already at ease. They'll be on set with us helping us create a fun environment for our shoot. Plus, I'll snag a few photos with the two of you together.

4. Talk with your photographer about poses in advanced.

Odds are they already have great poses in mind, but they will be open to incorporating poses you want to include. If you work with me, I will give you guidance rather than strict poses. This allows you to feel more natural, and helps me capture candid shots of you. Definitely let me know if there's a specific type of look you want me to capture, and we'll include it in our lineup.

5. Most importantly, hire the right photographer.

While it's tempting to book a photographer solely on cost, be sure to consider all factors. Are you looking for digital files only, or do you need prints and wall art? Take time to look at the photographer’s image gallery or social media pages to get a feel for their style. Does their editing style “match” what you want? If not, they aren’t the photographer for you. Maybe their photo editing style is light and airy, but you prefer a more dramatic and dark look. Be sure to find someone who’s personality compliment’s yours - it will make all the difference during your session together. The best way to do this is to meet with the photographer before you book with them, even if that's just a quick phone call. You can learn a lot about someone with just a brief chat.

Your senior photos are something you can look back on for years. Be sure to use these tips when you're looking for a photographer. Want to learn more about working with me for your senior photos? Check out my senior photos page.

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