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Family photos: How to take great pictures with your phone

You don't need a professional photographer to get great photos of your family. Yep! I said it. Take awesome self-portraits of you & your loved ones with these tips.

1. Choose the setting thoughtfully

It's tempting to take a photo the moment you think of it. Someone is heading out out you say, "Hey let's take a picture real quick!" I beg of you... take 30 seconds to look around and select the best spot in the house. A large space is ideal, but look at the wall behind where your subjects stand. Are there several things hanging on the wall? Is the color of the wall going to be the accidental focal point of the image? You want to find a spot that's neutral so the people are the star of the show. :D

2. Pay attention to lighting

If you're able to go outside, that works best. But living in Indiana, we don't always have that option. Natural lighting is your bestie. If you can, stand near a window with the light on your subjects' faces. Avoid using the camera flash if possible because it can cast odd shadows that make your image look like you're going for a Halloween vibe. (I do love Halloween, so if that's what you're going for - I dig it). Instead, bring in extra lamps and turn on the overhead light if it's too dark to use natural light, or if it's simply not available.

3. Choose a good spot to place your phone

Placing your phone too low is makes your group look like giants; placing it too high will result in everyone's heads tilted up unnaturally. Try to find somewhere you can prop your phone that's eye level with the majority of the group. As they say, the eyes are the window to the soul! If a selfie-stick or phone stand isn't available, prop your phone on books, gift boxes, or something equally as sturdy so it will be less likely to fall down.

4. Use the timer or a remote

As the designated photographer, stand where the camera will be and check everyone's pose, hair, clothing, et cetera. Once they all look picture perfect, choose where you'll join the group. Set the timer and take your place.

If you have an Apple Watch or Samsung Watch, you can use your camera app on your watch to control the camera. GAME CHANGER.

Give these tips a try the next time you need a self portrait. Let me know how they work for you!

I'm Lindsey, and I'm on a mission to help every family in Cass County have great family portraits. I'd love to work with you!

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