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What to Expect

Clients who work with me are looking for wall art for their homes. You will spend about six weeks working with me from the first phone call to the artwork pickup appointment. 

01 First Phone Call

During our brief call, you learn how I'm different from other photographers. I will learn about who I will be photographing and what art needs you have. We'll make sure we're a good fit together (I hope we are!) and we'll set up the in-person consultation. This call usually takes 10 minutes, and it's a great way to get your questions answered. 

04 Presentation & Ordering Appointment

This is the big reveal! Some photographers send a digital gallery, while I prefer to show you artwork options in person. We'll schedule your ordering appointment for 2-4 weeks after your portrait session. You'll have lots of custom wall art and heirloom options, and  I will help you choose which pieces to invest in and which options you can live without.

02 In-Person Consultation

We'll meet at my office, in your home, or in a local coffee shop to get to know each other and curate your session. I'll learn your personality & how you design your home to help customize your session & artwork options. We'll select the session location & discuss outfits. I walk you through each step so you have a great understanding of what to expect.

05 Pick-up Day

This will be your favorite part of the process. Your order is delivered directly to me so that I may ensure the quality meets my standards. I carefully re-package your order before it leaves my office so it's protected on the way to your home. After I verify your order is perfect, I'll give you a call to set up pickup or delivery.

03 Your Session

Many clients have expressed hesitation to being photographed, but they've found they become incredibly relaxed when they're comfortable with their photographer. I make your session enjoyable and will guide your poses so you look incredible. I'll ask questions and play games with young children so I can capture candid, natural shots.

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